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Monday, September 26, 2005

More fun with Craig's List

The missed connections never fail to deliver. Here's a little walk down Craig's Lane.

  • What was the adorable part?
  • A) Did Tyler write this heeadline? B) If you're trying to be so adult about opening the lines of communication, you might want to try something a little less covert than anonymous postings on community message boards.
  • Is this Candy Ass? I think it is ~ Springfield, a friend named Erin.... you be the judges.
  • 18 ways to creepy, by anon-99797338.
  • So, if you're so impressed with this stunning woman and want to meet her, it's probably not best to lead with a comment about her "fantastic tits."
  • And from the chronicles of the sad, I give you this.
  • Let's play "How many people could either of these posts describe!" Come on posters, be specific, or you're never gonna make that connection!
  • Witty headline, but the post itself is confusing ~ is he looking for an affair with a stranger that he both likes and disrespects? Is asking for the return of lost tickets? Is he just trying to seem errudite to other indie rock craig's listers?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Adorable" OP here (no foolin')...I mean, I was AS smashed too. So, viewed through that prism, perhaps it makes sense.

5:17 PM  

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