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Monday, September 26, 2005

Revisiting the long lost art of the WEEKEND RECAP

I know I've been a fairweather blogger of late. I also know it's been quite sometime since you had the pleasure of listening to me prattle on about the various social escapades that make up all that non-work, non-blogging time. If your thirst for the Mattos Life hasn't been quenched in far too long, here you go.

This weekend started out as quite a bummer. My long-anticipated journey to Austin was quashed by Rita. Despite my sadness at no Arcade Fire, and what's worse, no Chris Hoy, I looked on the bright side. My beloved cousin, William (Willie), was coming to town for the last Q And Not U show with some friends, so now I'd be able to see him. (Note: his beautifully written review of the show will be up on DCist this afternoon, so check it out.) We had a nice family dinner, then I took the kids downtown and hunkered down at Liz & Jenna's too wait for Felicia's birthday train to descend upon the city. Yeah, that didn't happen. What did happen was me drinking a bottle of wine whilst waiting for their arrival, calling in Alyssa-sized reinforcements, going to Local 16 for The Martini That Ate Manhattan, and passing t.f.o. on the couch back at casa-de-lizandjenna, only to be picked up and tucked in later by Mark and Jenna. Alyssa is awesome. The evening though, was more or less a wash. A wash that wreaked its wrath on me for the better part of Saturday morning. And afternoon. And made me miss taking Willie to the airport. (Again: I appologize profusely.)

Once my stomach settled and I regained my wits, I did what any girl does in the face of adversity: I went shopping. A dress, several accessories, a couple presents and a pair of cowboy boots later, I was headed home to get ready to go see TLG at the State Theater. It was a noodleriffic good time, especially catching eyes from the astoundingly beautiful, albeit dirty, hippie that looked like this guy. He was literally too pretty for me to smile back at. I just couldn't do it. But anyhow. The evening's highlight was probably tiny little Nadine deciding to drink her weight in vodka and sprites, and treating the alley outside to her leftovers after the show. I was sensibly sober that night, so it was back home to enjoy my DVR'd Smallville season finale (Drew, you're right, that was so bad ass), and (relatively for a weekend) early to bed. (On another note, check out The Blathering's redesign, it's perty).

Sunday morning I watched football, listened to music and cuddled with Stinker. Sure, my away message already declared this my personal nirvana, but, it's true, so here you go, wider audience. Then I got a special treat of time with Tylerton, and some PF Chaings in western Fairfax County. Then I met Lizzard at el mall (the soon-to-be awesomer Tysons Corner) for some more shopping (Este Lauder free gift, so pretty they make me cry motorcycle boots), and finally to mom's for season premierness. Those jerks over at Extreme Home Makeover need to stop making me cry. Seriously, every episode, within minutes of watching, it's unbelievable. Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy were both great as well, neither disappointed (as season premiers tend to do, what with their "let's tie up loose ends and get a clean slate for this season" attitude). Mike and I ghetto covered my gaping window (that's stuck open), then it was off to bed and back to work, and now back to home to give Stinker the meds I forgot to give him this morning (declawing --> antibiotics, and also, standing like a kangaroo).

Happy Monday. May the Schwartz be with you.


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