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Thursday, October 27, 2005

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I'm nothing if not festive. So continuing with all things Halloweeny:
  • Extend the festivities to your nearest drinking glass
  • I've mentioned Do They Know It's Hallowe'en before (a bunch of indie rockers mocking "Do They Know It's Christmas" and donating money to Uniceft). It's come to fruition -- and there's a video! Hilarious.
  • RUN! THE GHOSTS ARE COMING! Haha, psych!
  • What's scarrier than a naked intruder in your bed? Also, this story reminds me of the time one of my roomates 4th year had a night visitor, who lost his way in the dark and wound up in my bed spooninig me. It wasn't at all threatening, so I didn't flail or hit or scream, but I did poke and push until he recognized the errors of his ways.
  • Absolutely nothing to do with halloween, but toothepaste for dinner makes me giggle.
  • We are MAD Scientists! OK, again, totally abandoning the spooky theme. But I finally got around to reading Kyle's We Are Scientists interview from DCist. I'm particularly enamored by the band's advice column on their website.
  • Gavin cares. Follow these tips and you'll never get your brain eaten again!


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