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Friday, January 06, 2006

When In Falls Church, Do As The Alabamans Do

A few observations caught durring the lunch hour (spent at the delicious Old Hickory Grill in Falls Church, where I enjoyed some Alabaman cuisine).
  • Whoever drives the truck out front would, while driving, rather be playing pool (according to their license plate frame).
  • My new leather gloves were apparently made for someone with freakishly long fingers, as there's about a half inch of flappiness above each one of my digits.
  • According to the ABC in Loehman's Plaza, vermouth is a type of gin.
  • I saw a yellow Scion, one of the boxy SUV type ones, with the license plate, "LOL FUN." I think that mental image is funnier than any quip I could add here.


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