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Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, SMG

It may be Good Friday to some, the debut performance of The Boyfriends to others, but for me, today is Sarah Michelle Gellar's 29th birthday. I'll pause to let you all remember what a massive nerd I am for all things Buffy, accept it, and carry on. Some of you may have mistakenly assumed I'd moved on to Marsier pastures, but don't kid yourselves -- the Buffster will always be #1 in my heart.

I doubt it was intentional, but in some strange alignment of the planets, arguably the best -- and my personal favorite -- Buffy episode was on this morning (FX, 7am, M-F). That episode is, of course, Becoming Part 2, where Buffy has to kill Angel to save the world. As sad as it always makes me, I can't not watch it when its on. I think I'm going down a bunny trail here. Back to the point: the universe loves ya SMG, and I do too. Happy Birthday!

P.S., when searching for an image for this post, I had a gut check moment, realizing that I could name the magazine and approximate release date for almost all of the images that came up, because I bought every single BTVS-related piece of media I could get my hands on in high school. I swear I had a life with real people in it too. Really!


Blogger ike said...

Happy Birthday wishes for a complete stranger: 228 words.

My Happy Birthday wishes: 160 words.

I'm totally not bitter... ;-)

10:31 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

I had a crush on SMG in high school, like every other male Buffy fan... but isn't she supposed to be kind of... you know... an evil shrew? Based on the polite but cold comments her fellow cast members used to make about her, I mean.

Plus, her taste in men makes the whole SMG enterprise highly suspect. I hate to make vaguely sexist statements about someone I've never met, but her press has not been good, and that's all I've got to go on. I transferred my affections to Willow long ago...

12:17 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

I've definitely read the thinly veiled bitca comments through the years, but I choose to live in a state of denial.

And on the topic of Willow, I still don't buy her as a lesbian. They just did too damn good a job with forming the couples in the early seasons, I'm a complete season 2 purist when it comes to the lovelives of our main characters. Once again, denial.

I need help.

1:22 PM  

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