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Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Drew!

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I know you're not a huge fan of your birthday, but I'm a huge fan of the fact that you were born. Without Drew my life would lack many things, such as blogging (seriously! you have him to thank for all of this), someone to talk to on IM 80% of the day, a liberal cohort with whom to rant and espouse conspiracy theories, pretty much every technologically-forward thing in my life (I'd probably still not have wireless internet, for instance, without The Drew), and a supercalifragalisticexpialidocious friend. So, happy birthday ike! You're a superstar, yes that's what you are you know it. Come on! Vogue! From the halls of Louise Archer (she's in heaven up above! Louise Archer (clap) overcame hate with love!), to the caverns of the Hawk Talk work room, to the stools of many bars and the dance floor at DC9 and the tables of every lunchtime eatery in tysons corner, you're da best. Happy Birthday!


Blogger ike said...

Thanks Mander!

10:32 AM  

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