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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind!

Veronica, Veronica, Veronica. As I've mentioned aproximately one assload of times over the course of the past week, I am currently obsessed with Veronica Mars (Jenna, Liz -- click here to kind of answer your "so what's it about?" questions). I'm but three bit torrent downloads from catching up with this season and picking things up again when new episodes come back on 1/25. I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you why this show is so good. And why it is constantly being compared to my beloved most favoritest show of all time. On the surface (and don't get me wrong, I totally dig all of these surface elements), you've got your petite hot blonde crime fighting whip smart back talker, previously one of the gilded beautiful popular people, who has now (due to either destiny or situations beyond her control) been relegated to the world of the good hearted social outcasts. By the way, I can't write the word "outcast" without first spelling it "outkast." Thanks Andre. So there we have the surface -- our central character, jets, sharks, and a life determined by fate/circumstance. Got it. Though neither show is "realistic," the elements it brings to the table are a lot more like real life than a lot of other shows. Such as:
  • A flawed hero. Veronica has done her fair share of wrong, makes the occasional bad decision, lies... She's human. Sydney Bristow, Clark Kent -- you can't ever even find a hair out of place, much less moral wrong doing. Buffy's bra straps were flying all over the place, and they even went so far as to show that Veronica had HOOKUP HAIR. Form and function, comprendes? It never ceases to amaze me that tv continues to perpetuate the waking up in the morning unmussed, or stepping out of the shower with a full face of makeup on crap. But that's a whole nother issue. These girls have pasts, desires and attitudes. If your lead character doesn't seem like a real person, you're off to a bad start. And Buffy, Veronica -- good start like whoa.
  • The Scoobies. While our heroes certainly kick plenty of ass, with names duely recorded, on their own, they're nowhere without their peoples. And here's the kicker -- that cast of supporting characters, they're layered, flawed, intriguing characters too! If you will, a little SAT style comparisson: A is to B as Zander is to Wallace as Willow is to Mac as Spike is to Weevil as Giles is to Keith.
  • The High Road. A hero wouldn't be a hero if they weren't driven by the desire to do the right thing. Despite being mistreated by peers and misnderstood at large, our heroines fight the good fight, ceaselessly trying to solve problems and keep people safe.
  • The Indie Rock Soundtrack & The Keen Fashion Sense. This really has nothing to do with the depth of character or grace of plotline or wit of writing, but it puts the sweet in the tart.
  • The Good & The Bad Boy. In Buffy, they were encompased in one person (Angel), with further dillineations down the road. In Veronica we have Duncan & Logan. Neither are cut and dry good and bad, but the division is clear. Duncan is the golden boy and Logan is the punk. Never overlook a punk! Hidden depths and secrets keep the lovers story lines going. You've gotta have a romance angle. You just have to. And in case I haven't expressed this explicitly enough, I am all encompasingly on Team Logan. Duncan is a douche, much like Dawson. Pick your Pacey, and jump back on the Logan train. You know you've got a good character when at the outset you think he's really unattractive, and grow to develop a ridiculous crush him, finding him hella hot.
  • Charisma Carpenter, Allison Hannigan & Joss Whedon. Could Charisma's character on VM be any more of a skank? Me thinks not.
If I weren't focusing on several other things at the moment, I could probably add to that list and hone in more delicately on the existing population, but suffice it to say, smart tv rules, and it doesn't get much smarter than Buffy or VM. The end.


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