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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Faint

So, I think I nearly fainted this morning. I've never fainted before, but the symtoms seem to align with what I hear it's like -- weird nausea, feeling like my legs were falling out from under me, vision going dark. I never went all the way out, but it was way weird. Perhaps a reaction to the bronchitis meds? I don't know. I'm still feeling a little light headed. This could be a very interesting day. If this were a soap opera, that would totally be the first sign that I was pregnant, just like Angelina.

"It's not that she's a compulsive liar when it comes to her drug use and eating disorders, it's just that she's a totally compulsive liar when it comes to her drug use and eating disorders." Lohan recants her Vanity Fair confessions, and The Superficial is there to mock her. Also, scroll down for the Paris Hilton too drunk to walk picture.

I'm actually pretty bummed about the breakup of Chad Lowe & Hilary Swank. They seemed really solid.

Mr. Coleman has begun blogging again, now with the tails of his travels in Germany. Listen here Mike, none of that half assed week long blogging experimentation, ya hear me? Be dilligent, or don't blog at all. Oh, and I hope you're having a great time!

Prolific blogger Jamie Mottram adds another site to his collection. I can definitely get on board with this one, as it's related to the REDSKINS!

Lazy Sunday bobbleheads! Warning: the hilarious video auto plays from this link.

OK, off to tray and stay conscious throughout a meeting. Any fainting related wisdom is welcome.


Blogger Santi said...

Hey Amanda, I have actually fainted quite a bit in my life (having had low blood pressure all throughout my teens). The feelings you describe seem pretty standard...I also always used to hear a ringing in my ears, and right before I would black out, it was like I was looking at one of those computer screen savers where the picture disappears pixel by pixel. (does that make sense?) :) Anyway, if you feel it happening again...the best thing to do is sit on a chair, or the floor, whatever, and put your head between your knees (b/c the important thing is to get the blood back into your head). I hope this doesn't happen to you again! It can be pretty scary. Usually I would only faint for a few seconds, but once I blacked out for a good 15 minutes....not fun.

10:22 AM  
Blogger ike said...

I'd never seen a person faint until this most recent business trip. On the flight from DC to Miami, some lady fainted and took a header right in front of my seat. I helped the stewardesses wrestle her into the seats across the aisle and found a nurse on board to take her blood pressure, etc. Yee...

Then, back in the Miami airport today; I was approaching the gate, when the man walking in front of me collapsed right in the hallway.

My theorey is this, I'm like the Beatles of business travel... highly swoonable.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

As someone who tends to: 1) run high fevers; and 2) consume only beverages that contain alcohol or caffeine (or both!), I have also had my fair share of faints. That computer-pixel description is dead-on! I will now use it as my own, and take all credit for it. Unfortunately, as I think we talked about this morning, all of my fainting episodes have ended with me waking up on the floor after some undetermined amount of time. If that does happen to you, I hope it's not at work.
Stay conscious.

12:10 AM  

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