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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ok, seriously

Why does every single tv show that's set in high school ALWAYS include the "here's your pretend baby, take care of it for a week with the following partner so you can think about parenthood and not have sex" episode? Did ANYONE actually do this in high school?


Anonymous Drew said...

We did the egg as baby thing in high school, and yes, people did hardboil their babies.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous jenna said...

I actually did it at Kilmer with a sack of flour. IF you had a rip in the sack at the end of the week and the flour was seeping out bit by bit, well, you weren't responsible enough for a baby then, were you?

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Cat said...

We did it in 5th grade with pumpkins...ya know, the mini ones that are the size of a baseball. We carried them around in baskets with blankets. Some people dressed up their pumpkins, named them, and drew faces on them. Some people got really attached to their babies.

Also, when I was visiting Beth in AZ, we went to a baseball game she was working at a high school. I saw a couple girls with realistic looking baby dolls that were crying and stuff.

So yeah, I think it's a pretty common thing. sorry you never got to experience carrying around a pumpkin/flour/egg and pretending it was your really tugs at the heartstrings.

6:01 PM  
Blogger nm said...

I'm one of those people who never did the whole egg/flour baby thing, and I don't know anyone who did, either.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Beth said...

Cat... how do you REMEMBER crap like that? But you're right, the people who needed an extra, easy elective (I think it was home ec or something) at the high school I went to, and then the high school I worked at in AZ, walked around with these babies. They had a chip in them, and would cry to tell you they needed to be fed, or changed or held or whatever, and the people had to put thisthing in their mouths... that was stuck on their wrists like a bracelet... I found it very interesting and ANNOYING.
That is all, Beth out.

10:05 PM  

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