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Friday, June 16, 2006

A little Shakespeare for that ass

Last night Jenna and I went to see Love's Labor Lost at The Shakespeare Theater Company. I was a bit warry at first when I realized that this was one of those let's put the play in a crazy different setting and hope it works! type deals. I generally find that approach to be all affect with little relavence, and that they often add nothing to the story. When I realized that the particular brand of re-imagining here included setting the play in 1960s India, where the courtiers in search of englightenment were a rock band, the fool a burn out, the French royalty a Vespa-riding gang of gogo femmebots... I was even more worried. But the production took itself with a grain of salt and was just silly enough to be awesome and hilarious (though, and times, the costumes were a little too wacky -- an animal print pimp coat was repurposed as a Spanish military one). Oh, did I mention that they kind of turned it into a musical? Yeah. It could have potentially been a ridiculous piece of crap, but it was genius. Loved it! If someone happens to offer you a free ticket to this show, as happened to me, take it! Or, ya know, pay for one. It was great.

And, one of those gogo femmebots was played by eldest Cosby daughter Sabrina La Beauf (aka, Sondra). The rest of the cast was littered with familiar faces, mainly memorable guest stars on favorite tv shows like Grey's Anatomy, American Dreams and 24. I saw the words Law and Order about a trillion times throughout their bios, but I've never watched a single episode, so I can't attest to any fame in that arena.

In summation, I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard a few times. Go see it!


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