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Monday, June 19, 2006

Nautical Adventures... On a Boat!

Places I want to be right now: A boat. Preferably, Double Eagle.
Places I don't: Other places

I had a great weekend. It started off with some silly 80s nonsense at the State Theater as the the ladies of TMP and I took in The Legwarmers, with hundreds of sweaty, theme-attired fellow party goers. It was Friday night that I informed Sarah that she would in fact not be painting her guest bedroom on Saturday, but rather would be joining me for some boating. Boating!

She heeded my instructions to set her alarm and be at my house by 10. One pick up, a few pit stops, and a bag of baby goldfish later, we were on our way to Captain Jeff's boat in Occoquan. Don't worry -- I wore sunscreen (banana scented), and so did Sarah (ultra sheer). We took a ride up to Georgetown, docked for lunch and some world cup, and spent the rest of the day alternating between the dock and the water. Not too shabby. We docked for the evening and played music really really loud (much to the delight of the people dining at Sequoia) and took a really beautiful late night monument tour.

Pause for intermission while Stinker sniffs my eyelids.

OK, they were apparently up to snuff, I can continue.

One of the most memorable moments occured when we were returning to the boat after lunch.

(Passing some girls)
Me: Fun fact -- I have that shirt
Patrick: Funner fact -- I hooked up with that girl

Whether it was regarding the number of monkeys on the boat, what the next hour's dance party would be, the worst bartender of all time, overly dressed passers by, the pinkest playing cards in all the land, fun with slideshows and iTunes, commemorating all of the adventures at sea Sarah, Kasey and I have shared, naming that tune, an overabundance of club soda or a shortage of limes, we had lots of good times with lots of good people.

Oh, and Chang, I hope you find your wedding ring man.

You can see the pics Alyssa took up on my flickr page. The video of Jeff dancing on the bow -- that dies with me.


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