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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Have a listen, if you care to

Taking a page out of PopCandy's book, I went in and made a finetune playlist. And it was kind of exhausting. It's an awesome idea -- put together a playlist of whatever you want and give anyone access to it, for free! But, the site's really slow and really hard to use, and the selection of music is questionable at times too. It's not organized well, and the search functionality is bizarre. When I searched "shins" and "the shins," the one result returned was "Phantom Limb." But when I added one band, it said The Shins were a similar artist. When I clicked on them through that method, their whole catalog came up. And I can understand not having What Made Milwaukee Famous in your repetoir, but, no New Pornographers? Seven Swans the only Sufjan Stevens album you have? A bizarre spotty Spoon collection mainly comprised of things found on soundtracks? Very odd.

But anyway, without further complaint, here's the list. Part of it was put together yesterday when I was having a migraine and wanted to hear only soothing sounds. Part of it was made today when I was in a great mood. And the rest was me freaking out trying to think of that many songs (45) to fill up a list and basically putting my iPod on random and then searching for whatever songs it offered up.

Other things I don't get about finetune: why it alphabetizes the lists, and why you can't start listening at a random point or from, say, the beginning. Very strange.


Anonymous Beth said...

FORTY FIVE!!!!!!?!?!?!?!

4:48 PM  
Blogger mykel said...

Yep 45. Let me explain why...

We operate using a unique license from the major labels... essentially that means they dictate some rules and we pay them for the right to stream you music.... and we pay them for the right to allow users to choose the contents of those streams. This is like I said unique in that there are normally 2 types of licenses that music services can get...

Statutory Licenses say that the user can have no input into the contents of a stream and that a stream can not repeat within 3 hours etc etc (there are a bunch of rules in there)

On Demand Licenses like Napster or Rhapsody allow users to pick and choose whatever they want... however those licenses cost the service provider... huge advances and run the customer $9.99+ per month... half of that or more goes back to the labels.

Our license is in the middle... we allow you to pick the songs but then we craft the playlist to follow similar rules as the statutory license. Isn't it obvious! ;-P

It is challenging to communicate for certain but it does allow us to provide more self selected music to users for free then any other service.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Thanks for explaining that Mykel!

1:14 PM  

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