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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random List of My Thoughts

You know what I really like? When I'm wondering something, say, "what was that awesome song they played in that angsty logan/veronica scene near the end of last season at the alterna prom?" then like two hours later my iPod up and plays it. (FWIW, "I Hear The Bells" by Mike Doughty.)

Also, baby parade? Jesus. I love this blog.

I dreamt last night about nuclear war, some sort of derby days-esque scenario where David Boreanaz (as his character on Bones) had to participate in some sort of FBI talent show, and finding another compartment on my jewelry box where all the earrings I'd ever lost or broken had magically reappeared.

I'm feeling great today, in the way that you can only feel right after you feel like crap (like say, feeling like your head is splitting open). Appreciation for days when nothing hurts is only possible after stuff hurts (similar to the wonder you feel about having open nasal passages after cold). This line of thought is going nowhere. But uh yeah, today, awesome! Time to stop babbling. So, how are you guys?


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