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Monday, December 31, 2007

Peace Out 2007

It's been a very interesting year. It started off with a bang as I spent new year's in Austin with my best friends, and continued that traveling trend through the first half of the year. I spent the middle part watching everyone I know get married. But it was also a year in which I went to as many funerals as I did weddings. Particularly this last little bit of the year has been a rough road. But all in all, my life is still pretty damn good. I love my friends. I love my job. And my good great jeebus, I'll be damned if I'll be able to look back on this year and do anything but smile, because the Redskins are in the freakin' playoffs, thanks to a thorough ass whooping over Dallas. So I'll say goodbye to the year on a victorious note. 2008: it's gonna be great.


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