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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Totes awes

Liz directed my attention to this Stone Harbor tote now being sold by Urban Outfitters. That's very exciting to me! That's because I've spent a large chunk of my life in Stone Harbor. My great grandfather bought our little house there in the 1910's. So much of my quality growing up time was spent stomping around the marshes and crabbing and swimming and walking into town to get italian water ice. I love that place. It is my happy place. I'm glad it's inspired someone to design a... tote bag on its behalf. Sure, why not. Although, I don't really think it evokes Stone Harbor to me very much. I get the rough, potato sack type fabric -- beachy, unfussy. But it's dark. And it's tall and narrow -- which for a purse, means "makes finding things difficult." And those short straps also mean lugging it around in your hand rather than over your shoulder. I don't associate any burdens with SH, so I think something a little more accommodating would be better. And now I really, really want to get in my car and drive to south Jersey.


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