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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adele! 6th & I Synagogue! PS7's! Woo!

So, I had a remarkable time seeing Adele last night. I just wrote up an effusive review for DCist, so go check that out. Love her!

Also: went to PS7 beforehand. Those tuna sliders are every bit as phenomenal as people have lead you to believe. I will be having dreams about them. They're amazing. Also highly recommend: the champaign cocktail. It's dry, delightful, delicious. It involves a bitters-soaked sugar cube. It is amazing. Kate and I shared the risotto balls and the mushroom... spring roll thingies, I can't remember what they were really called. But they came with a red curry sauce that was divine. And the fried balls of risotto happiness were also out of this world. The lavender gimlet went down easy, but was a little sweet for my tastes. And Kate seemed to have no complaints about the maker's manhattan, completely with a garnish of drunken cherries (real cherries! not maraschino!). So: go to PS7's. Happy hour prices make it wallet-friendly. You will be really glad you did.

And, the 6th & I Synagogue! Holy crap what a venue. The acoustics made beautiful voices turn into things legends are made of. It's gorgeous and has a nice, light air of warm spirituality, and it's just wonderful. So (redux): go see a show there. Glad we had this chat.


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