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Monday, July 07, 2008

I saw three movies this weekend

Hancock: As Catherine and Matt have already noted, what the hell is wrong with the reviewers of the world? I actually really loved this movie. It got so thoroughly panned by just about everyone, that I spent the whole time in the theater guessing what they could possibly do to turn everyone's opinions so firmly against it. Nothing I was guessing at happened. There were certainly a few missteps, but nothing monumental. It was smart and had great performances and a really interesting and original story line and you should totally not listen to what you've heard. Hancock is awesome.

WALL-E: Everybody loves this movie, and for good reason. I was a little bit bored about 45 minutes in, but then it totally hooked me again. It's adorable and clever.

Wanted: I knew this movie was about assassins, but I still wasn't expecting that high a level of intense violence. I mean, there were several slo-mo shots of bullets bursting through people's foreheads. It was also entirely implausible and a bit silly. But I completely enjoyed it. It was fast and sexy and big and loud and just the thing for an overcast summer afternoon.


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