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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Meat, Fire and Movies

These were the bread and butter of my holiday weekend. I've already discussed the movies portion, but the rest of the weekend was much less boring than one that included 3 trips to the movie theater might sound. It started off Thursday night with some recuperative boozing at Solly's. We did our best to shed the weight of the week into high life tall boys, and did a pretty sufficient job, I'd say.

Friday was, of course, the 4th! I don't know about you guys, but I really love the 4th of July. It's the height of summery goodness. I had big plans: see Tyler & Joey & Dan, hang out at Big Bear's BBQ, head to Molly & Deepak's for more BBQing and fireworks, and go to Fight Club to see Ned's band play. I did: one of those things. You see, the festivities at Big Bear were so fun that I stayed there all day. And all night. The food was iiiincredible. The beer flowed. The dancing was... well, there was a LOT of dancing. There was even a rooftop from which to watch fireworks! Between the 360 view of official fireworks displays and unofficial neighborhood additions and things going on in the street around us, it was a spectacular show. I spent the night at Traitor's Cove and thus got to get some delicious Big Bear coffee the next morning. So: win/win.

Saturday Kate & Kay hosted yet another wonderful BBQ, full of more amazing food and more free flowing beer. It is amazing that I don't weigh 300 pounds after this weekend. The conversation was lively and so much fun in fact, that before we knew it, it was almost 1 a.m. We had chatted and eaten the night away. It was great!

After yet another trip to the movies on Sunday, I finally went to 2 Amy's for the first time ever and it didn't disappoint. I ordered something that wasn't very good (one of the specials), but everyone else's food was incredible. And the charceuterie was out of this world.

And last night, though officially outside of the weekend, I went to Fort Reno yet again to see The City Veins, who delivered a fantastic performance. They also earned some new fans.

So, basically my apartment has been a staging area where I stop in, shower, change and turn around again for the past week or so. Yglz says I need to stop this anarchic sleeping schedule of mine and either move to D.C. (I'm working on it!) or lead a more boring Virginia lifestyle. But for now, on with the trend. Tonight I will be heading to the Washingtonian Best Of party after work. Tomorrow: laundry. Oh how I so desperately need to do laundry.

I also have a new theory: beer makes my finger nails grow faster. They are shockingly long after this weekend.


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