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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Woo! Fort Reno! and, Woo! Weekend!

Sommer's traveling today, so I'm manning the ship at DCist. I was going to write up last night's delightful Fort Reno experience here, but Nestor -- he of our newly minted photographer corps at DCist -- took some lovely shots so I wrote it up there instead.

So, this weekend was stupendous. I went to Bobby & Meghan's beautiful wedding on Friday. It was perfect -- the ceremony was probably the best I've witnessed, the venue was unbelievably beautiful, the weather was (as previously mentioned) out of this world, and I got to catch up with the Marshall hoodlums I don't see nearly enough of. And I took lots of pictures for you to look at!

Saturday I didn't go to any county fairs, though I meant to. Instead I went to an open house in Mt P, then careened around town on a record buying, oyster eating, beer sipping, desert fetching, bus riding, rock & roll listening, hip-hop dancing, scotch drinking adventure. It was pretty much awesome. Especially NRCOF, naturally. And discussing the finer points of classic rock with Ned.

Sunday JP & I went to big bear, then my mom & I hung out around the city a bit, checked out a couple open houses, bought a new dishwasher for my place, and got a delicious dinner at Dogfish head. All in all, this weekend got high marks.


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