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Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm doin it! Really soon! I'll finally be far from my work, instead of far from all of my friends and my entire social universe. While Kate S., Kay, Catherine, Sommer and Jenna may miss my presence on their couches on weekend mornings, I think we'll be able to keep those bonds strong once I'm actually living nearby. And able to ply them with delicious meals on a regular basis. Kate A. promises that we'll "cuddle and snuggle and make pies every day," so I think you all understand my reasoning for abandoning Falls Church for Bloomingdale. 

(By the way, if you know anyone in search of housing in either Falls Church or Bloomingdale, inquire within.)

I'm excited! And completely and totally stressed out! I need to pack up my house I've been stagnent in for four years, and move, and find somebody else to rent my condo (it's a great, great place! all new appliances! dripping with Mattos-branded TLC! Doesn't that sound like just the perfect place for you and/or your loved ones and/or coworkers to move into?), and learn to live with roomates again. Well, roomates with two legs. Me and Stinker have got this thing down. Of course, this is all to say, don't expect too much uptick in blogging over the next week or two. As I transition to the totally elitist urban blogger lifestyle most of you probably already thought I had, my time will likely be spent on other things. So sit tight, read DCist, and ask yourself why you aren't already calling the movers to get your stuff into my BEAUTIFUL, LIGHT FILLED TWO BEDROOM CONDO! 


Blogger Lana said...

woo! bloomingdale! welcome to the hood!

5:34 PM  
Blogger The Deceiver said...

I'm totally glad you are moving, and am a little frightened about how unstoppable you will soon become. But baby, if you haven't done so already, just remember that I'm gonna need you to be a Real Virginian one last time: Tuesday, November 4.

3:20 AM  
Anonymous jillian said...

i've been meaning to write this for a couple of days. . . i'm excited for you! and, a little envious.. .

12:31 PM  

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