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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what have I been doing? what have YOU been doing?

Oh, right! You guys! Hey, what's up? Here's a bulleted list of what's been keeping me away from the tubez recently. Aside from the fact that we haven't had tubez at my house. But we do now, thanks to wonder roomate Tim. There will be blogging. Oh yes. There will be blogging. Anyhow:
  • French Kicks at the Black Cat. I think the band was good, but I couldn't really tell because the sound was muddier than shit. I love the Black Cat, and I've heard some truly stellar shows there. But Friday night was sort of atrocious. By the time we moved right next to the stage to be able to hear at all, we'd all sort of checked out of the show already. Pity. I love the Kicks.
  • Cooking my damn fingers off. We did a big friend thanksgiving on Saturday. L and I made: butternut squash puree, cherry cobbler, green bean casserole, baked pineapple, whiskey glazed carrots, and the all important blue cheese rosemary cheese boobs. Everyone's food was amazing. We had fun. There was a whipped cream fight. I was thankful.
  • I got a cold. I spent most of Sunday under the covers. I emerged to go to the last farmers market of the year and watch the last moments of the Skins game with my dad. God Bless Sean Springs.
  • I saw Twilight. I maybe might have dreamed about Edward Cullen last night. I also maybe might be 15 years old.


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