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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Here I Am!

Spencer says I haven't been blogging enough. That's probably true. But I write for like 47 blogs and my real life job, and have a personal life and a cat and a family, so, sometimes these things fall through the cracks. Anyway, so, here are a few things I've learned recently:
  • The only people I can't find Christmas gifts for online are my grandparents. It's sort of appropriate.
  • Thanksgiving and Spring Breakare the same thing. Just ask mine & Kriston's livers.
  • Petworth has awesome restaurants! Liz and I took Jenna to Domku last night for her birthday. It was delightful! Decorated like Anthropologie, tons of delicious eastern European foods and drinks, a sweet and adorable waitor, comfy seating... all that! Go to Domku.
  • Speaking of my liver and europeans, on Thanksgiving night, while I was drinking many beers, there was a fight at the Black Cat! The Norweigan girls said that "zee American stahted it," but that French guy looked like he was up to no good to me.
  • Also, $5 buys you 18 songs on the black cat jukebox! That's a lot! Unfortunately, we started picking songs about an hour before closing time, which means, every other person there had already filled up the que and we never heard our songs. I hope the next night's patrons liked T. Rex!
  • Gestures: totally awesome. Saw their show last night at the Black Cat and they have come a long way with building their sound. Really a great set.
  • And, after that, I watched Edie Sedgewick be incredibly awesome. Seriously, if you get the chance to go to an Edie Sedgewick show, do it. You won't regret.
  • I also learned that the spare keys I had made at the sametime as I made my roomates' keys do not work. I learned this when Sommer took time out of her day to let a lady into my house (she'd bought a bed from me off craigs list). How come the other keys all work, but not this set? How come, key maker guy?
  • Lana's bike's name is Horses.
  • The Redskins stopped playing good football sometime a few weeks ago. I'm not happy about it.
  • The movie Once is lovely, but frustrating! Do not believe the hype that it is a love story about falling in love and love. That is not what it is about.
  • Slumdog Millionaire, however, is awesome. Maybe not quite up to the hype, but a really great movie that you should all see nonetheless. The flashback about the first question he answered is still my favorite.
  • I love Bloomingdale. I already knew that, but, I have awesome roomates and neighbors like Dan/Ray/Catherine/Julian/Lana to hang out with, and the big bear, and it's all just awesome. I'm happys t r e t c h.
  • I still don't have a renter for my condo, though, so... um... yeah.


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