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Monday, January 05, 2009

2009's First Weekend

In breaking with the tradition set by holidayathon 08, I didn't actually drink to excess this weekend. My liver is very content with me this Monday. It's a new thing we're trying out. Instead, I went and saw The Wrestler on Friday night in Georgetown. The only D.C. theater it's yet to grace with its presence. I'm still not sure if I actually liked the movie. I appreciated the construction; it was a really well done portrait of that type of personality, and the characters were all chosen really well to highlight and reflect the main character's flaws and attempts at growth. But damn, was it hard to take. And there were a few moments that were untrue to the rest of the film -- like the explosion in the grocery store. I think it was a good movie, but not one I'm sure I actually enjoyed or would watch again.

Anyway, then we Georgetown-visitors had dinner at Paparazzi, where I picked up some sweet tickets to Saturday's Georgetown/Pitt game. Capps, Dan, Catherine and I headed over to the Verizon Center at noon-time for a really good game. Well, a really good first half. Georgetown just does. not. rebound. It's a terrible strategy. But it was fun to go to the game anyway, and sit in the fancy Acella suite, eating disguisting buffet food, and sit in amazingly good 100-level seats the rest of the time. After a couple hours of Buffy watching, and some encouragement from Becks and Ficke to peel ourselves off the Flophouse couch, we went to G Fine Arts for some art, ACKC for some uninspiring hot chocolate, and Dukem for my very first encounter with Ethiopian food (which I absolutely loved). The rest of my fellow travelers peeled off to see The Wrestler for themselves, and I met up with Jenna to check out The Gibson. It was pricey, but worthwhile. Not the kind of place you go to mingle; you go with one person you want to spend two hours talking to. Luckily, Jenna and I always have way more than 2 hours of conversation in us, so we had a lovely time sipping their craft cocktails. Very much a special occasion destination if you can get a table, but worth a trip for sure.

Yesterday I watched the playoffs and made steaks at the Flophouse, and read the rest of New Moon. My hate for Bella subsided throughout most of the middle of this book, but by the end it was back. I will probably loathe the time I waste finishing the series, but I'll do it anyway.

This week: bowl games, visits from Emily, Ireland planning, Abby's birthday, Catherine's birthday, more art, taking down Christmas decorations, and a lot of work. Cheerio!


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