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Friday, February 20, 2009

Turn to the Left

After looking at umpteen slideshows from fashion week, it appears that we're in for lots of dark colors, harsh lines, crazy layering, makeup that looks like your eyes are bleeding, dark metalics, and the continuation of this whole Mad Men thing. So, nothing new. But hey guys, I have a feeling that being really, really skinny is gonna be super duper cool this year!!1! Here are a few things I actually did like, though.

I want to get married in this.

BCBG Max Azria

Or this.

Carlos Miele

And I'd like any of these, please:

Catherine Malandrino

Cynthia Steffe

This would also make a lovely bridal number, but not for me I don't think. Someone cuter, and more petite.

And in case you're wondering what Christian "Hot Tranny Mess" Siriano's been up to, get a load of THIS!


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