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Sunday, March 15, 2009

You've Just Been Turned On

OK PR. I know you've got to find new ways of presenting yourself to stand out from the crowd, but I hereby object to "(X) has turned you on to (Y)" as a way of saying, hey, check this out. How the fuck do you know if I've been turned on to your film short? Just sending something to me doesn't dictate my opinion of it! At first I gave it the benefit of the doubt -- maybe this was just pulling some key element of the movie's title or description into the subject to create interest. But you want to hear the movie's description?
Harsh economic conditions and executive corruption drive a loyal employee to murder. A man struggling in a dead-end job decides to take action against the system that is holding him back by carrying out a plot to murder the boss and assume his title.

Have I turned you on?


Blogger The Deceiver said...

If you mean, has that movie pitch literally engorged my member? Because...well, sort of halfway actually...

4:46 PM  

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