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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Things People that Won't Be Out of the Country This Weekend Should Do

  • See Imperial China at the Kansas House tomorrow
  • Get $1 sliders at Matchbox on Friday
  • See The Shirks at the Black Cat on Sunday. And Vandaveer there on Monday.
  • Drink 4 new cask ales at Rustico on Tuesday night
For some reason, my traveling companions have decided we should pack extremely light to go to a very cold and very wet country. This means: we're all just bringing back packs. Anyone that's traveled with me before probably just re-read that 3 times to make sure they weren't seeing things. I am not a light packer. I am TERRIFIED. But, you know, I can just buy a bunch of new Irish wool sweaters to keep warm or drink lots more Guinness and Beamish and Jameson. And no matter what I have to leave out, I will have room for a tube of neosporin, which is the only thing I REALLY need no matter where I go, ever. So I'm set. And also extremely excited.


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