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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eau de Office

Every time I put on Crabtree & Evelyn's Summer Hill hand therapy lotion (which is what I currently have at my desk), my coworkers lose their mind. "It smells like a garden in here!" "This makes me happy!" Even the people who hate perfume and strong smells are gaga over this stuff for some reason. Personally, I'm partisan to their rose scented lotion. But, apparently, if you're looking to set the stage for a positive office interaction, I recommend pausing for the cause of moisturized skin beforehand.

On the other side of the coin, a note to smokers in office settings. Do what you wanna do, I don't begrudge you your vice. But please remember that post smoke-break, you reek. Seriously. You really do. This may come as a surprise, I know you can't really smell it yourself. But it's bad. You might as well stop using deodorant and showering and brushing your teeth and washing your clothes if you don't pause for the cause to air out and chew some gum or drink some water or eat a snack or SOMETHING before entering another coworker's space. You're not smelly people in general, but immediately post cigarette you bring a stink bomb into my office that hangs around and that sucks. I realize summer weather and sweatiness probably make this effect worse. And it's certainly more powerful on some people than others. But subconsciously, it makes me less open to whatever it is you're here to talk to me about. And that's no good for either of us! So do your coworkers and your professional success a favor and take a moment to freshen up after you smoke. I mean, come on! It smells like a garden in here! Let's enjoy that!


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