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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Smell my feet

Give me something good to eat. I may be a day late for blog or treating, but I was busy soaking in all the halloweeny goodness over the course of the past few days. Before I take you on the rundown, I'll unvail my costume to those of you that didn't see me this weekend. I was a spelling bee.

Bobby, Jack, Steven and Rob had a halloween bash. It's always good when guys are adament about enforcing costume wearing, cause more guys are inclined to participate. And participate people did! From Cookie monster to Ali G to Poindexter to Tom Sawyer to the funky monks to Elton John to a whoopie cushion to a member of the Jamaican bobsled team, the dudes were all decked out. Top nods for girls' costumes went to Felicia as rainbow bright, Marissa because she kept those roller skates on ALL NIGHT, and... um... that might be it. The slutty costumes are funny, but not that clever. But they have garnered more views on flickr than any other ones, so props to you Jill, Alyssa and JDub. Perhaps my favorite moment of the night was when Alyssa and Jill got there and both started cracking up when they saw me because, they had apparently put money on the fact that I'd be dressed as some sort of animal. Or maybe my favorite moment was when Meghan didn't weigh enough to squish the whoopie cushion. The decorations were crucial and the party was fun, even despite the fights that broke out. Way to go tuff guys.

More Friday pics here.

Starting with brunch at Luna, careening through several naps, Saturday evaporated really quickly. Before I knew it mom was on her way over to see me in my costume and hang out (and take some of those posed costume pictures only your mom will ever take of you). After re-lettering my get up (with stick on letters, which, as it turns out, kittens find delicious), it was off to Kail's. His party last year was quite fun, my one and only slutty halloween costume had a blast there. This year when I arrived, it was much the same as its predecessor. A few people, my friends mainly camping out around the pong table in the basement. When I went upstairs to grab something out of my purse, I was shocked to find about 40 people in Kail's tiny little house. WOW! Best costumes included the bird flu and a really intricate Stewie costume, including a gigantic homemade head.

After a while, it was time to move over to Drew's "pun-named Halloween party." Also quite a good crowd there. Shortly after arriving, I encountered who is sure to remain one of the strangest people I've ever met. I went into the kitchen to mix the red bull I brought with me with some really high-quality vodka (read: really crappy vodka). I walked in and this woman dressed as a cop, who was at least in her mid 30s and seemed really out of place at this party, exclaimed, "Oh that's great!" She rushed over to me and lifted the bottom of my bee costume up. Now, as you can probably see in the picture above, I wasn't wearing pants. Just tights. So lifting up my costume was essentially showing everyone at the party my ass. And aside from the lobster-butt incident of 2002, that's not something I'm at all fond of doing. Being that this woman was more than a little scary, I awkwardly lauaghed, pushed my costume down, and turned away to continue mixing my drink. She came back over to me and lifted my costume up three more times. If she didn't look like she, with or without the help of her equally scary friends, could kill me in moments, I would probably have told her to back off. But she did, so I just increased the force with which I pushed my costume back down with each repeated incident. I finally got a moment of peace and finished mixing my drink, at which point she came back over, again, says, "Oooo, Red Bull Vodka? Can I have some?," takes my drink, and takes a sip. What. The. Hell. I made a (pun intended) bee line for the basement and avoided this strange strange person at all costs for the rest of the evening.

This was another great costume showing. See for yourself!

Glamour Don'ts

Boyscout Drew

Bee's Eye View

Jolly Green Giant

Mail Order Bride

More Saturday pics here.

I cleaned the crap out of my l house and continued being domestic well into the evening, as I up and decided to make pork tenderloin and mushroom risotto. And in case you were wondering, it was deeeeeeeeeelicious. And Grey's Anatomy, which is quickly becoming my favorite show, was such a heart breaker. The Meredith/McDreamy stuff and those patients with the pole through them.... so much sobbing.

Work was hectic, but my entire department managed to break away for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Even though it's right here, I've only been two times. It was excellent, though their menu is so freaking overwhelming. Their portions are ginormous, which always leaves me far too full for their namesake. Oh well. My and my light up pumpkin necklace finished out the day and headed home to greet trick or treaters! I was all excited, assuming that bc. I live in garden style apartments, near a school, I'd get slews of kids! No. Not one. Not a single one. Around 7:30, I was bummed and Stinker was antsy, so we went over to mom's (so he could play with Tink). Mom had already had 22 trick or treaters, and about 10 more came while I was there. I've never seen our neighborhood so chock full of kids, it was awesome. I also got the same chatty little girl I got last year. This kid cracks me up! I couldn't even tell you what she was talking about, but she was just hilarious. The biggest treat of the evening was seeing the picture of Beth's new baby kitten Franklin! He seriously looks JUST like Stinker a few months ago. *Sniff! So cute! Now enourmous Norman will have a little friend to play with while Beth's huffing Christmas candles at Pier 1. I went to bed and got my trick: the WORST nightmare about Stinker dying. I woke up sobbing, petted him for a good little while and finally got back to sleep. So thanks to that I overslept by more than an hour, but still managed to make an it into work before any of the management. And so here we were, November 1. I hope your halloweens were spoooooooky too! If you've got pics, put the links in my comments!


Blogger ike said...

damn that Jolly Green Giant... there're things in my place that're still covered in paint...

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching Cookie Monster play beer pong was the highlight of my life.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Washington Cube said...

So many good costumes. I love the Glamour fashion "don'ts."

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Amanda Mattos,

About a month ago I said:

"Amanda Mattos,

I googled my name at work (as I am very vain and similarly umproductive) and found your blog (you mention "fight night" on your Monday entry). I also saw pictures of a bunch of people I recognize and links to what appears to be Drew Dillon and Jimmy Piekut blogs. Anyway, I just thought, I should say something. Crazy small "blogo-globe" or whatever the kids are calling it (blogo-dome?).

Josh Glassman"

Then you said:

"Blogs t r e t c h said...
Well well well, how's it goin Mr. Glassman? All of your assumptions are indeed correct. We here in the blogosphere (Jon Stewart tells me to call it that, so I do) like to keep our world-wide access limited to the confines of JMHS grads. I kid, I kid. Anyhow, good to hear from you! Let me know if you want to meet up at a happy hour or something sometime"

But I forgot about the whole thing and didn't reply. Very rude. Sorry.

What I should have said was "Sure I would very much like to do a Happy Hour or something some time." I mean, I like drinking. If you want to contact me;

P.S. your blog makes me jealous. I wish I had one. Crap, your probably already knew what jealous means.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PPS: Hey, Drew aka Ike Spivey. I would never have guessed that that name would stick.

8:31 PM  
Blogger ike said...

Nicknames continue, as ever, to not stick to me. So when I needed to make my im name a little more interesting than my initials and zip code (AD22124, fuckin' thrilling), ike spivey was as good as any other nickname I've been given. Other online personas include "Armen Tanzarian" and "Arbosh Kobosh."

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Great costume! You should submit it to "

3:58 AM  
Anonymous hauntedknoll1 said...

" Great costume! You should submit it to "

4:00 AM  

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