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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wonkette: Chock full of DCeiving Goodness!

For the next 48 24 hours, my blog buddy and general man about the web, DCeiver, will be guest roasting over on Wonkette. Lost was a repeat this week, so his flare for analogies gets to focus on Karl Rove instead of the Rainbow PUSH Oceanaire Club and Rafting Society Unlimited. Catch him while you can, it's been an lol-er already.

On another note, a band I'm fond of, Ringside, has a new video, directed by Jua....I'm not even gonna try Phoenix and produced by band-member Balthzar Getty (did I get that right?), up online. It's pretty tastey. Did I spell that right? I give up.

And, from the horrifying front, teens of the world qualify Axl Rose as an "old person." Albeit, the coolest old person in the world, but an old person nonetheless. When Raven Simone makes the list, I officially expect to get into movies at a reduced rate.

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Blogger Washington Cube said...

DCeiver's been on a real roll recently (Kaiser) and been producing some good stuff.

6:55 PM  

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