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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It's a wonderful feeling, with the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling

I thought I was about to get some N*Sync Christmas from Kasey, but it turns out it was No Strings Attached. I'll have to settle. I've reached the point of the day where any and all additions of energy are welcome. And this one comes with the added bonus of memories of Oxford Hills. And the Wendy's - you know, the one...behind. I'm growing very disapointed with the audience participation of late. No comments? I know you're reading people. I know you're laughing. Let me in on the joke. You don't want blogstretch to go on strike, now do you? That's what I thought. I can hear millions of mice clicking on "comment" as I type. What a melodic sound. Quite different from the cocaughony coming from Nancy's office. Nanc, I love ya, but you really gotta get rid of that backup battery pack thing, it's driving us all bananas. Cookoo even!

OK, so, I like Gap commercials. I think they're really well done, they maintain their brand's look but change themselves enough to differentiate the campaigns. As they lost some clout in the coolness department in recent years, the ads with Sarah Jessica Parker and Lenny Kravitz were a stroke of genius, because, no matter what your preferences concerning them, they are the male & female embodiment of Cool. Genius. Their choices of cameos in the holiday ads weren't bad either - except for JC Chazes. I mean...huh? Did they mean to book Justin Timberlake and get confused? A single on the Drumline soundtrack and dating Tara Reid don't really up your stock too much. Yes, I'm panning him as I sit here and listen to the "take a space ride with a cowboy baby" song, but, I'm not in a commercial pushing Cool. (Although, to be fair, I am pretty damn fly, but, let's not split hairs).

Also, everyone I know needs to stop being in college of any kind. Everytime you all get a month off at christmas, it makes my time in the office crawl by so painfully in comparison. So, hurry on up and get your degrees, for the love of Amanda.

Yyyyyeah, I think that's 'bout all I got right now. Hollar back. Or else.

Oh, wait, I do have one more thing. Discovered Zach Braff's blog today. He's a cool guy. If Kasey relinquishes him, and Peru opens ups its borders again, do you think he'd go out with me?


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