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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Because 2 blogs just aren't enough

Because Drew and I apparently aren't satisfied having busy full time jobs and social lives, we've decided to take on yet another blogging project. We're calling it eVesdropper, and it's a place to host all of those crazy things you overhear strangers saying as you make your way through the day. I foresee a pen and pad being added to my purse to jot down the things I hear girls saying in bar bathrooms. There's an email address that lets you submit your tidbits, which we'll post. We're not going the way of the auto-post, to avoid countless run ins with the internet fuckwad theory:

Site was just born moments ago, so content is a bit nonexistant at the moment. But, if you have suggestions for future additions or formatting issues or anything like that, let me know. And come and play with eVesdropper, it's gonna be a good time.


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