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Friday, January 07, 2005

Is this thing on?

Hey pals, guess what? It's Friday! This week seems to have flown by at lightning speed, well done, week. I still like 2005 so far. Just for the record. Nothing monumental has happened, but I think that's a better way to start off. No? This entry will be more willy nilly thoughts and remembrances than structured subject matter, as the last one was. Gotta shake things up! So come, follow me into the rabbit hole little ones...

Last night, after a truly delicious dinner by Lizzard, and some truly delicious time with my friends from Newport Beach ("What do you expect? I'm the daughter of a theif and a slut!"), and some always delicious hanging out time with Diana, Lizard, Mike, Jenna, Luna (who, apparently, leaps like a reindeer when you say "poop in the but") and Tyler, I decided "Hey, I wanna go out!" This is usually an urge that's best ignored on a week night, but I decided hey, it's Thursday, what the hell? Tybeast and I mosied on up to the Shark Club to play pool with Hoybomb, Stumpy (who, by the way, drank his own weight in vodka, wtf?), Stace Face Killa, and Sambo. That sentence was fun, cause I used nick names for everyone. Neat, huh? Anyhow, good times were had by all, even our waitress - Not-latina/Lebanese/Iranian/Mediteranean Sarah. And the mass quantities of citrus fruit our group required. There was a guy playing at the table across from us, leaning against a pole talking to a girl. The back of his tee shirt read, "The girl I'm talking to is SUCH A BITCH!" Hilarious. I had 5 beers in about an hour, so....I'm moving a little slow today, but, not too bad. Why did I have 5 beers in an hour you ask? Well, I don't know. I suppose I was thirsty. Anyhow, good times. Except for my pool playing, that was not good. You'd think growing up with a table in my basement would have improved my skills. Nay.

So, anyhow, the afore mentioned Alias premeire was muy caliente. Between that, Lost, and next week's return of 24, my heart rate is happily up to it's super action drama loving levels. After my misadventures at Fudruckers that afternoon, however, I was not feelin so hot, so I missed what was surely a stellar cullinary creation by John Matthew, I'm sure you guys had a great time and the food was marvelous. I did read, however (on the USA Today pop culture blog, which I always enjoy because the girl who writes it is pretty cool and not annoying), that Jeff Probst (Survivor host) is now dating a Survivor! Pretty scandalous, huh? I didn't really watch the season in question, so I don't know who the girl is, but, I thought that was pretty entertaining.

In truly exciting news, also learned from that same blog, Comedy Central has greenlighted a Stella Series!!!! I am SO PUMPED! I have an idea, let's dance to some barenaked ladies!!!!

The one and only Gavin Duncan will be in town next weekend. Who's excited?! I know I am :) I also plan on visiting tyler mcflyler at JMU sometime that weekend, cause we have MLK day off. Respec. In other traveling news, I'm thinkin another trip to Phoenix will be upon me President's Day weekend. I was there the same weekend last year and forgot to call my mom on her birthday. Seriously, how un-like me is that? So very. I do realize I'm long over due for a New York visit, and it is indeed in the works. I think now I'm gonna wait till Gavin gets his apartment, then I'll come up for super happy fun times visiting him, Pam, Natasha & Michael, Jim...yeah. I will make it. And soon. Really. Seriously. And then, Wake Forrest...

OH SHIT!!!!! My iPod just picked "If you have to ask"... would a hungover dance party be inappropriate office behavior? Probably, but damn, this beat is FUNKY! Much love for memories of cville nights and ashtree mornings :) Seriously, I'm wigglin like a m*f-er right now, I can't stop! Screw gatorade, THIS is the miracle hangover cure. RHCP and gettin DOWN!


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lay off the crack pipe homey

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