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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hey, it's snowing!

Yeah, it sure is. Very Christmasy indeed. I'm bored; if you read this, come hang out anytime, cause, I'm bored.

It's with a heavy heart that I make this entry; my beloved little kitty face died yesterday. After 18 years of being the world's prettiest, sweetest, most social, loviest, and most talkative cat, we had to put Corky to sleep. She's been sick for quite some time, so it was expected. We always said that as soon as she stopped being comfortable, we would. I'm feeling very blue missing my little girl - and everyone that knew her's - favorite feline. But she had a great long life and was a good friend to an only child forever. Love.

On the up side, the weekend brought me some of my favorite people in the world back into town, and a Redskins win. I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure they brought that one home for the Corkster. Pour some out.

They just showed one of my favorite parts of the Wizard of Oz: "Someday they're gonna erect a statue to me in this town, and..." "Well don't start posing for it now, get back to work!"

Oh Aunty Em, you clever old broad. I'm gonna try and drown my boredom in Judy Garland and twista's and ruby slippers. Man, I love this movie.


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