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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oh Happy Day!

Finalmente! Alias is back! I can't wait for the return of one of my favorite shows tonight. As I've iterated many times, I love TV. I do, I can't deny it. Alias is one of the many reasons why. Aside from being really exciting, home of some of the best cliff hangers on tv, well acted, and well crafted by JJ Abrams, post-Buffy it fills my penchant for women who are highly skilled in the ways of the ass kick.

But I digress....

I'm currently sort of puddled in my rolly chair due to the extremely full belly I'm rockin as a result of lunch at Fudruckers with my fellas. Fun as always, but next time I eat with them hopefully I won't have to hear Kev say "Juggz," Sam say "Mattress Wrestling," and Chris say "New Sex Toy." Wow, I can't wait to see the google hits my blog's gonna get now that it says those things. Stattracking funtastica!

I finally saw Donnie Darko last night. I subsequently spent a lot of time online reading theories and looking up back info that I didn't spend enough time with the DVD's special features or on the website to deduce myself. Not quite as utterly mystifying as I'd been lead to believe, but quite a good movie, I liked it a lot. Hell of a score too. Jake G did a great job; actually, I thought everyone did a pretty great job. And how freakin scary was Frank?
Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.
And scene.

As you can see, I'm fully imbued with cultural ponderings and anticipation, as well as ground beef today, leaving me a bit sparse on the blogging tip. I've also got a fair amount of work weighing into the mix, so at that, I'll leave you.

Till we meet again, little doodles.


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