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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Oh happy day!!! Harry Potter VI: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will go on sale July 16, 2005!! YES! It may be months away, but I'm still busting my buttons in anticipation! The last gap between books felt endless, so the very existence of an end in sight is just thrilling. I'm guessing that many of you are thinking "Oh yeah, Amanda sweats Harry Potter, I forgot," and visualizing all of the away messages and profiles celebrating the release of the first movie. Ahhh, memories. Happystretch :) Thank you, JK Rowling! There are lots of fellow Potter-fan friends of mine, but I know there are a lot of you who feel...otherwise, so I'll cease. But, *sigh, yay.

Last night Tyler had Hoybomb and I listen to the David Cross cd. Holy funniness batman. "No but seriously, I do support our white troops. I'm just kidding, I'm not a republican!" I suggest it to anyone who likes laughing at funny stuff. Speaking of, MITCH HEDBERG is coming to DC January 22. I know Kasey (miss you) and Jenna and I are planning on going. Lordy I can not wait. Come here little fellas, let me hold one of you, and feed you a leaf.

I can't believe Christmas is only 4 days away...insanity. Seriously. Although, put in Tyler's newly earned ex-pat perspective "Christmas is one day, not a whole month." So, decompress? I need 3 more presents, then I can decompress.

I'm a lucky ducky, I'm getting my hairs cut tonight, then I get to have dinner with AJ & Kenley!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! However, miles to go until I sleep; much work stands between now and then. And it is on that note, I bid you farewell.


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