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Friday, December 31, 2004

Amanda's Year In Review

So, I guess the year's over, huh? I'm a big fan of the countdown, and at this time of year there are a whole lot of them - best songs of the year, most memorable moments of the year, last seconds of the years. I suppose I'll participate (kinda) and offer you all the year in review, as far as Amanda's World is concerned.

The year that started out in a tidal wave of knee high horse crap didn't turn out so bad afterall. I've flown to Boston (twice!), Phoenix, and Miami. I got to see Jenna & Liz graduate from UVA, and all of my precious boys graduate from Tech. I got two raises, an office, and a promotion. I've been bitten by bugs, puppies and people. I've spent more nights than I can count going to bed after sunrise. I've done so with Jenna and Liz. I've gone to the dark side and entered "stinky" into my vocabularly. As well as "hooch" and "glooby." I got a Mac and an iPod (as part of the box set with my marketing job and Volkswagen, my yuppidom is now complete). I jumped in leaf piles. I went to movies. Lots of movies. I went out on dates with gimps, mics, idiots and engineers. I went through tough stuff. I had friends that stepped up to the plate and went through it with me. Then got me drunk. I was a slutty nurse. I was a little white lie. I participated in Flanaval. I saw Joe Gibbs return to football. I am still a Redskins fan. I had dinner parties. I did yoga. I got bangs. I went to funerals. I went to weddings. I did not get married. I still like Hillary Duff more than I like Lindsay Lohan, ya know, just as a person. I went to Hillel. I got a blog. Three, actually. I bought a house. I moved in with a very large white man. I've ridden in Sputnik, the hybrid car. I did things 'on the regular.' I've hidden from cops. I've called the cops. I've worn beer case hats and mocassins. I baked cookies at 5am. I went to the Vienna Inn.

That, my friends, is what I did this year. What did you do? What did you do with me? Please, feel free to share, as I'm pretty sure I fixed the commenting function.

Happy New Year everybody, may all the good things in your lives remain, and the rest be improved upon.

Have a fun, safe night, see you all in 2005!


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