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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Drink a beer, drink a beer, drink a beer like a Wahoo can

The story linked up there is just glorious. I mean, I always knew the UVA bar scene was happening, but, now so does everyone else. Now I'll pour myself to bed and reminisc about the fuzzy biltmorememories I've built up over the years....sigh. Still reeling from the untimely demise of HFS, but looking forward to a weekend of Gavin, Jimbo, Drizew, bloody maries and my new bed!

And, just cause:

normcdnld: i'm Maurice Ravel
normcdnld: and you're Dimitri Shostakovich
normcdnld: and i just got off work and it's almost 4
normcdnld: why would they make a world famous dead 20th century composer work this late?
normcdnld: i'd expect you to know the answer since you are one too
normcdnld: hillel


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