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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blog Commentary...Blogentary?

Hmm, blogentary sounds too much like disentary, I'll have to work on that...

Anyhow, to the point:

jarofALAN: so i've been reading your blog for quite a while
jarofALAN: and i now feel strangely close to you
jarofALAN: not in a strange way!
jarofALAN: but in a close way, strangely enough
jarofALAN: damn! there's that strange word again!

PS: Alan is manpretty, that's why I'm his sugar mama. Tyler is marrying Sophia Coppola, but I'm going to be his date to the wedding. Matt Lynch works for the Corporate Executive Board, and I too work for a business company. Why do I tell you these things you ask? Because I saw their friend Art on Friday night at a bar. That is all.


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