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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Reeeeeeaally advanced planning

I got an email from McFaddens about a deal they'll be running for Nationals games. $35 for transportation to & from game (from McFaddens), the ticket to the game, and all-you-can-drink Millter Lite Drafts. Um, sweet! Basically I can't go to any of them until June 5 (birthday of the wonderful Joey Kull and the fantastic Meagan Burke). My dear Beth Anne Tommasone will be in town then, and, as she's even CRAZIER about planning things in advance than I am, well, we've decided to definitely go. It's a 1:00 Sunday game. Right now it's me, Beth, Robbie (Tommasone) Christine, and possibly Russel, the Love Muscle (Now Open for Pleasure) (LMNOP). If anyone else wants to come, give our good friends Ali or Heather a call at 202.223.2338 to make your reservation. Yeah, I know I'm crazy. But as the time approaches...I'll still be doing this, so if you are too...see ya there :)

Oh, and a note:
Got the O.C., Mix 4 (the fourth OC soundtrack). So far not quite so impressive as 1 & 2 were (3 was a Christmakuh album that completely evaded me - I tried to buy it several times to no avail). The first two really are great mixes. This one's good, but so far hasn't grown on me quite so much. Time will tell.

I look forward to getting my death metal on tonight as Liz and I visit the Black Cat to see Eagles of Death Metal (ironically, not a death metal band). Ohhhhh yayer.


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