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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It's 5 a.m., no witty headlines shall ensue

Apparently the news team of Early Today (the national broadcast that comes on NBCbefore Joe Krebs and the gang, who come on before Today) are held to absolutely no journalistic standards (p.s. -- that was me channeling a disgruntled DCist commentor). Before they launched into the minute long discussion of "I wonder what made Prince go back to a record label?", they did a piece on iPod accessories for Christmas. I'm pretty sure The Daily Show's graphics department developed the little floating header that was posted next to the anchor's head, because it said, "Pimp Your iPod." Since when did that word become fodder for serious application in national news? Dear God I'm tired. Oooh, now they're talking about sheep who sing jingle bells. This is hard hitting stuff folks. If you're ever up at 4:15 anytime soon, definitely check it out.


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