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Friday, December 09, 2005

Update on Turtletown

GordonBShumway: so i apologize for being so amiss in my blogreadings these days of late, suffice-it-to-say it's been busy. however things in turtle town are looking better, if not completely on the mend. I've used our good friend, Craig, 's list to find a new aquarium on the cheap for the young sir, and in the meanwhile he's learned the defensive properties of his shell. While he is visibly taking some hits to his crunchy outside, he is at least protecting his gooey center now and his neck is healing noticeably. He gets daily treatments of neosporin. I'll send pics of his new digs once he gets set up. Expect it to be like an episode of cribs where he pulls out the bottle of "crystaaaaaal" from the bubbling treasure chest or some shit.
mads t r e t c h: shower, christmas cards, movies with mom, NOT DRINKING
GordonBShumway: ps - i'm drunk
GordonBShumway: pps - i did the superhero quiz, and i'm iron man. "Inventor. Businessman. Genius."

Also, in case you were wondering, this is a prime example of why I love Chris Hoy.


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