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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Am So Happy Right Now

On the aforementioned dance-laden drive into work this morning, I decided that today's the day. The day I'd buy iPod speakers. I've wanted them forever (ever = aproximately a year and a half), but when Alyssa brought hers on our Central VA Romp Road Trip, the deal was sealed: I needed iPod speakers. I got into work early today, answered emails, did a little CNET research, then when no coworkers were in yet at 9:20, I said ok, let's do this. To Best Buy!

Well, Best Buy opens at 10. Luckily though, the adjascent Borders opens at 9, so I bought a few things, got a latte, and started reading A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Genius. Ten pages in, I'm already loving it. That David Eggers is something else.

But that's off topic. So, at 10:03, I went to Best Buy. I bought my speakers. I was really happy. Then the parking lot attendant lady told me I looked beautiful today. Everything's comin' up Mattos!

My beautiful Logitech mm50 speakers are set up on my desk. They even came with a little remote! The remote is the same size as some iPods! The joyous sounds of Jens Lekman, Coldwar Kids and The Cloud Room convinced my boss to ask me to provide the soundtrack to our Quarterly Meeting on Monday. See, these iPod speakers are doing things for me already! There are few things I love more than widening other people's musical spectrums. I'm thinking a couple spring time-appropriate obscure indie rock tracks, a little Spoon (everyone's gotta love Spoon, right?), some Sam Cooke, a little Prince, The Police... Suggestions are welcome.

So the moral of the story is that iPod speakers are wonderful, it's spring and that's awesome, the coconut mocha at Borders is gross, and be careful with scissors (especially when opening boxes, as you could slice open your finger and have to find out where the office first aid kit is kept).


Anonymous Beth said...

As I'm at my company meeting today and tomorrow, and we're talking about company advancement, etc. I'm going to say that it would be advantageous for you and the rest of your company, to have a wellness coach on site! That way when you cut yourself, I could take care of you!

Also, we're doing computer stuff that I already know how to do, and i'm bored. But my new laptop ROCKS.

continue to have a wonderful day!
An outside BBQ would make it even better, wouldnt it?

1:38 PM  
Blogger ike said... recommended:
Her Space Holiday - Tech Romance

and I also highly recommend it. Next time I synch my iPod, the site will reflect that I've listened to it roughly 50 times in the last 24 hours.

also Tarkio's Better Half is on high rotation. As are:

Danger Doom, Old School (may have bad language, not sure)
Feist, Mushaboom
Her Space Holiday, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Drew McD said...

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is the greatness! Second that motion.

3:37 PM  

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