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Friday, January 04, 2008

This will probably make the most sense without commentary

me: I'm wearing my old school 80s Gibbs sweater right now
joshua: i htink that same sweateris in my parents attic somewhere
me: I recently rescued the hat and scarf from the same era from my mom's house
i've been wearing the scarf a lot this week. subsequently, i look like i'm in Gryffindor.
joshua: hmm
always pegged you a hufflepuff
me: i take offense!
at least give me ravenclaw dude
joshua: Slytherin
joshua: hmm
we should sorting hat all our friends

joshua's new status message - amanda = hufflepuff 11:13 AM
amanda's new status message - I would not be Hufflepuff, Josh!

Ryan: yeah, i should do that
i'm excited
going to be a great night
i would at LEAST be a ravenclaw
Ryan: slitherin
me: dude, stop consorting with Josh!
Ryan: he's chatting with me RIGHT NOW

kriston's new status message - pygz = gryffindor

me: dude, whatever! i am not a hufflepuff. that's nonsense.
Kriston: I want to be Ravenclaw.
me: Yeah, they have the most fun.
Less burdened with saving the world.
Kriston: They're the ones who smoke in the bathroom but still make good grades.
me: definitely
Listen to the velvet underground
Kriston: Exaaactly.
Dye their hair black.
I mean—Ravenclaw. It's basically in the name.
Too bad you got Hufflepuff.
josh gross is not the sorting hat
Kriston: He's got some sorting-hat-esque qualities.
me: such as?
Kriston: Well
I've seen him wear a hat.
And once he confirms that I'm in Ravenclaw, he'll be 2 for 2.
me: wearing a hat doesn't make you like a hat
that's nonsense capps
Kriston: But there's a certain undeniable sense to it.
me: i totally disagree! that's like saying you, kriston capps, could serve as a faded tshirt.
Kriston: That's absurd!
me: no less absurd than your argument!
did you guys have a meeting this morning to taunt me?
Kriston: I don't see how you can even compare hats and t-shirts.
Hats go on one's head, Amanda.
me: I hate you Kriston.
Kriston: <3

ryan's new status message - would a muggle have a wand like this?
joshua's new status message - are gryffindors absurdly handsome? Cause that's what we are. amanda's new status message - josh & ryan & kriston = muggles

Drew: me: thank you.
Drew: yup, let me know how it goes

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Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

For the record, this went on for the remainder of the day. My friends and I are such enormous nerds.

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