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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sad news for H&M shoppers

I knew something was up when I went shopping yesterday. My H&M was practically empty. Not of people, but of product. The normally stress-inducing amount of racks of clothing were down to a sparse few peppered throughout the store. Then today I read this: aside from NYC and LA, H&M is shuttering their "trend" line. Now, I'm not sure what exactly the trend line is, or how many of the hundreds of H&M things I own came from it, but this sounds quite troubling. That's where I go for my funky dresses under $40! Without funky dresses, who am I?? Color me distressed.

UPDATE: Ok, so I read the comments, and I think one may have enlightened me. The trend line is apparently what's housed in that second H&M right next to the big original one in Tysons. So maybe the 2nd store is going away? With a couple of exceptions, I never found much of anything there anyway, so this isn't as heartbreaking as I originally thought. But, it still doesn't explain what is up with the low stock at the main Tysons store.

UPDATE 2: OK I should read full things before posting. Morgan notes that the 2nd store in Tysons isn't the trend line, it's the Divided line. The only place that carries the trend line in the area is Georgetown. So, pretty much, nevermind.


Anonymous Cat said...

Whoa, you almost gave me a heart attack there, woman! Hopefully the Ann Arbor H&M will stay intact as well...! Easily 60% of my clothes come from there.

10:14 PM  

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