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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Also, I can't believe they kept Trash Bags. Come on!

So, it's been established that I have a newish fascination with dance movies, reality shows, etc. So You Think You Can Dance has eclipsed everything else as my favorite show of the summer. It is seriously just quality, guys. I swear. I realize how this must sound. If I read this one someone's blog without knowing, I'd think them a silly reality show watcher with no taste as well. But it really is great.

One gripe: when the contestants have the opportunity to do solos, they keep on doing the same things over and over. We all *know* that you can wiggle and do amazing things with your hips and the splits, Chelsea. But we've also seen you do incredible things in a host of genres throughout the course of the season. Why not mix up your style a little bit and show us how you've grown? I'm getting bored of seeing everyone's favorite go-to moves, over and over.

That said: Go Joshua! Go Twitch! Go Katee!


Anonymous Cat said...

Yay! My roommate and I have also made it a regular on our Tivo. It really is great, and the dancers are all incredible. I totally agree with everything you just said: especially about Chelsea and her solo. Come on. It showed us nothing of her talent. And Joshua, Twitch and Katee are also my faves. And I might have a slight crush on Twitch..hehe!

2:04 PM  

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