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Friday, December 05, 2008

The More You Know: What is a mix tape?

In which I reveal how deeply un-hip I actually am, and Spencer says some funny shit.

Spencer: i have the mixtape, it's really good
check out the 'Ms. Jackson' version dissing 50
me: ok, i realize i should understand this, but i don't. what is the difference between a mix tape and just an album?
i've tried to wrap my head around this like 17 times
it doesn't work.
Spencer: a mixtape is an unofficial release, not meant to be a definitive artistic statement
and it's accepted practice to rap over other people's beats without paying
as well, you're supposed to do a lot of freestyling as a way to promote/showcase your styles -- especially to dis people
me: interesting
Spencer: basically a mixtape is supposed to be Too Hot For The Album, intended to be raw
like it wouldnt be considered proper for Jadakiss to put a 50 diss on his album, so the way he's supposed to reply to 50's provocations will be on a mixtape
if Jada put it on his record, that's considered a significant escalation
me: so it's like, backwards etiquette
Spencer: think of it this way
Shiites have a tradition of 48-hour marriage/divorce -- that way you're not an adulterer or a fornicator
it's like that, except with disses instead of kisses
(ugh can't believe i wrote that)
Spencer: it's also considered an opportunity to demonstrate that you can rap over other rappers' beats better than they can
me: i see.
Spencer: Jadakiss has a track called "Jada's Got A Gun" and somehow it DOESN'T jack the aerosmith song
me: what?
jada FAIL
Spencer: srsly

And while we're on the topic of music, head over to DCist to see me talk about a hip hop tribute to Sean Taylor, check out the Yeasayer slideshow our new contributor Francis put together, and read Valerie's interview with D.C.'s very acerbic The Points.


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