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Monday, December 08, 2008

Things I Ate/Drank in Philly

  • Vacherin Mont D'Or and duck prosciutto from Di Bruno Bros
  • Butternut squash soup with a seared scallop on it, oysters with caviar on them, and parmesan bread with lemon butter on it at Southwark. Also: an Aviation. Everywhere we went in Philly had special drinks involving Maraschino liquor. I'd never encountered it previously. Apparently, it's very old school.
  • A bunch of bourbon drinks at Chicks.
  • Beans & macaroni that I made at 3am in Emily's kitchen.
  • Lime lamb sausage & red lentil soup and escargot at Beau Mond. Alyssa and I thought we knew where we were heading to find brunch, got there, it wasn't open yet, and went inside the next place we found that was open and not outside in the FREEZING FREEZING COLD AND WIND. It turned out to be an expensive french restaurant/creperie. But, whatever, we said. It is freezing out there and warm in here and gimme some food already plz. It was delicious.
  • More cheese from Di Bruno Bros.
Then, it was too cold to continue our mission of walking around and doing stuff, so we got back in the car and came home to D.C. Oh, and I saw my favorite band, and it was good. And we stayed at Emily's awesome apartment and hung out with her awesome cat and did stuff that, in general, was awesome.


Blogger Missy said...

My fiance's obsessed with aviations, and bought two types of Maraschino liqueur the last time we were in South Jersey. They make a purple one at Cork that's really good.

11:37 AM  

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