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Thursday, July 22, 2010

For that matter, you simply can't discuss Fox's role in Sherrod episode without their constant harping on the sham story about the Obama DOJ's allegedly going soft on freak show black radicals intimidating voters back in 2008 -- a story cooked up by one of the right-wing activist plants burrowed into the DOJ during the US Attorney firing era. Fox has become the primary purveyor of race-baiting attacks aimed at discrediting President Obama. That fact is apparently too substantive and ugly to be a fit topic for 'press criticism' or 'media reporting' which apparently must focus on journalists considered "controversial" despite not being able to point to any substantive wrongdoing on their part. Which amounts to saying that virtually all of what goes under the name of 'media reporting' these days is a crock.

The current controversy over the 'Journolist' listserve is actually instructive. Much of the story is much ado about nothing since most of what's discovered in these emails is self-proclaimed liberal opinion journalists displaying a liberal bias in their approach to politics and news. But what makes private expressions of bias relevant is the suspicion that it may lead to public dishonesty, deception or fraud -- the fundamental infraction behind all journalistic wrongdoing. In the Sherrod debacle, however, we have an open and shut case of the real thing -- outright journalistic fraud. But that's apparently not as big a 'media story'.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They certainly are bad, aren't they. While we certainly are good. It is so comforting. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go pick my own organic mirabelle plums.

10:46 AM  

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