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Monday, January 24, 2005

The Love Song of J. Alfred B/oulier

I'd have to place this in the top ten or higher of the Best Drunk Dials I've ever received. Love talkin slow jams have never spoken to me quite like this:

"Hi Amanda, this is a song that was dedicated to you by a certain caller in. We like to call this love songs and dedications. This song goes out to you from a very famous guy who calls the show a lot - Joseph B. The song is as follows:

Amanda Mattos with a hat on, and it keeps her hair back when she's feelin like she needs to go for a jog, or maybe she's needs to play pogs, or maybe she wants to take a job jo-o-o-o-g. Jogin in the rain, feelin like you have a brain, and I don't think that you're insaaaaaane. Ooo ooo ooo! Ooo ooo ooooooo! Three or four more "ooo ooo"s. This is a weird message at 4am. Oooo ooo!



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