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Friday, January 21, 2005

Whoopsie daisy

So, I accidentally just posted my reactions to Bush's inaugural address on this blog instead of POA. The wrong has been rectified, but if you stumbled across it in the 10 seconds or so it was up, my bad. I try and keep this one as politically neutral as I can.

And now moving on....

My major involvement on the massive soul-sucking project I've been working on lately is over! Yessssss! It was definitely a case of people finding out I was good at something and giving me the worst possible application of my skills, in the longest possible format. But, it's done! Not that this has really stopped me from being socialstretch lately, can't nobody hold me down. We had our usual Thursday OC dinner party last night. Jenna, fresh from Costa Rica with quite a tan and tons of pictures, fixed up some delicious shrimp scampi. W'tastey. I believe Big White Mike tries his hand at cooking next week. I'll let you know how that turns out. After clean up, I went and met Drew out for his actual birthday (but not to buy him shots). I think I'm starting to get a grasp on what "spradlin" is (as a verb, not like, as an organism). I particularly enjoyed the "It's my birthday!" girl, the flower behind the ear club, the "i just wanna make out with you" girl, and Drew's declaration (in response to trying to plan lunch on Monday), "I don't care. I hate both of you." It was mug night at Whitlows, the cover band was Oasis-tastic, and there was spradlin' all over the place. It was a good time.

I hope the snow this weekend doesn't hinder things too much. I wanna get out to Georgetown and celebrate the births of Jack and Jill. Haha, didn't even notice that before I typed it. Jack and Jill went up to Garrett's, to fetch a pail of Miller. Jack came down and chugged his Crown, and Jill came stumbling after. I crack myself up.

Funny: I googled for a picture of Jack to put up here for his birthday, and found this - he and Jarman packing up their freshman year dorm room at Longwood. *Memories.



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